Setting a direction begins with focus. 

Moving your company or organization forward confidently starts with listening to the market and your customers, then responding with data-driven solutions, customized for your business. 


Inspiring Confident Decisions

In times of change, evolution or directional pivot, businesses need unbiased, thorough answers to guide decisions for their teams and customers. ELIXIR MARKETING is your partner in research, delivering confidence about your company’s next steps.

A brand is not a product or service, but rather the consumer’s belief about that product, service or organization. That’s why gut instinct and decision-making will only get you so far and may not always match the perception of the consumer. That’s where research comes in.

Our expertise and proprietary approach to understanding consumer behavior and implementing brand strategy comes with more than 30 years of experience.  Our research is tactical and strategic, designed to provide clients with a clear assessment of its current image and the competitive dynamics among key stakeholders, as well as identifying exploitable consumer experience opportunities. Key deliverables will include a full, on-site presentation of findings and a strategic action plan aimed at customer retention, increasing distribution and market share and, most importantly, revenue.


Building Loyalty Begins with Research-based Strategy


Marketing is simply a mechanism of extending the Brand. Which is why before we market any product, experience or space, we must clearly identify the brand.

A company or organization brand is the sum of all the emotional connections a customer feels for you. That’s why knowing your audience is so critical to developing an effective strategy. It advances the attributes most valued by your customers and distinct from the competition.

When done correctly, branding achieves a powerful combination of design, message and experience that builds an emotional connection and a feeling of affinity—making them more loyal to you.


Sometimes a change in the marketplace or with consumer buying habits determines the need to pivot. What direction should you go? Market research coupled with a strong brand steers those decisions.

Starbucks announced a transition to curbside pickups and to-go orders because research revealed that this is 80% of their business. Review your value proposition, know your audience, follow industry buying habits, and then offer a great loyalty program!