Strategic. Brand. Chemistry.

Custom Marketing Solutions by Blending Market Research and Brand Strategy

Historically, an elixir was a magic potion believed to turn base metals into gold.

That’s nice, but at ELIXIR MARKETING we use data-driven marketing plans and brand strategies to deliver results that build loyalty and grow your bottom line.

Every business needs direction. Don’t guess when you can know. 

Everyone knows that knowledge is power. ELIXIR MARKETING uses cutting-edge research techniques to design your study and ask the right questions, collect the most valuable data, analyze the results, and reveal the insights to help you make clear, confident decisions. Knowing your market’s deepest desires, values, and motivations can turn the tables on the competition and bring you more loyal customers.

Before Noah needed the ark, he had a plan. 

ELIXIR MARKETING designs data-driven marketing strategies that create obsession for your brand and distinction from your competition. We help you say the right thing to the right person at the right time, and build compelling customer experiences. Our insights shape success either in the form of a marketing plan or by working with your own marketing agency to realize the research.

Everyone loves a happy ending.

Great storytelling is at the heart of connecting with your customers. Whether your story lives online, inside store encounters, or through a special launch party, ELIXIR MARKETING tells the story that resonates with what’s most valuable to your customer and builds loyalty to your brand. We weave your story throughout your business, and help you use a brand that guides the relationship and communications with your customers.