Elixir Marketing Team Players.

Michelle Beech, President & Senior Strategist
Bio: Preacher’s kid. Renaissance woman.

Michelle Beech’s day job is President and Chief Strategist for Elixir Marketing, LLC. But she moonlights as Martha Stewart, whipping up feasts for the senses every chance she gets. Since she loves the chemistry in the kitchen, it’s only fitting that her brainchild, Elixir Marketing, does just the same for its clients… mixing the right marketing potion for amazing results!

Michelle’s had proven results of her own over her 20 years in media, 15 of it in broadcast promotions and marketing. She now helps broadcast stations make the most of all that research. After all, why spend money for answers when you still need a plan?

Michelle works with stations to develop strategic action plans, marketing plans and follows up with promotions workshops for every member of a News Organization. She believes great promotion comes from everyone knowing how to contribute. She also offers one-on-one topical promotion training for news and production staffs, targeting all media platforms.

Prior to forming ELIXIR MARKETING, LLC, Michelle served as Marketing Director, Creative Services Director, and Producer/Editor for CBS, NBC, & ABC affiliates. While she’s proud of her business accomplishments, satisfied palates claim her magnum opus is The Cookie Fairy.

Mark Boswell, Creative Director
Bio: With a passion for small business and a love for pop culture, Mark started his advertising career in the late 80s as a production artist while still in college. After many years of working for "someone else," he left the corporate and agency world behind for life in his own world. From day one, his goal has been to both turn advertising and creative efforts on their ears—and that goal continues to this daywith his aggressive and sometimes irreverent approach to creative marketing. When not in the office, he enjoys leaping tall buildings in a single bound and conquering the latest in roller coaster technology with his family in tow—wife Katie, and sons WEbb and Behr, and daughter Ruby.

Daniel DeLoach, Filmographer & Editor

Daniel DeLoach was born on an army base in Fort Rucker, Alabama. When he was 6 months old his parents moved to Euless, Texas. Eventually, he found them.

As a child, he would make spaceships out of cardboard boxes and put on intergalactic plays his family would suffer through. His home would become a space station, a downhill ski slope or simply a house under attack by the Soviets or Godzilla.

It’s sad how little he’s progressed since then.

After graduating from The University of Texas at Arlington, Daniel had his original screenplay “Otherwise” optioned. He produced, directed, shot & edited numerous short films. Two won International Film Festival’s Grand Prizes, four were screened on PBS, one garnered a Student Academy Award Nomination and yet another won The Independent Film Channel’s “Pure Film” National Grand Prize and aired on IFC.

Daniel has also received The National PBS Communication Award for an ad campaign he wrote, produced & edited.

Daniel now spends his free time writing original scripts and bolstering defenses for the inevitable return of Godzilla.

Rick Garner, Web & mobile media consultant

Bio: A horrific accident several years ago fused Rick Garner with a rather attractive chimp. This occurred during testing of a government experimental machine. Since then he's used his thoughtfulness for good and only sometimes evil.
Rick is a product of Mississippi but lives now in Maryland with his wife, 5 year old daughter, 2 cats, and a beagle. You can take the boy out of the South but you can't take Rick anywhere...wait, what? With over 20 years of multimedia skills, Rick has Jedi mind powers into the worlds of radio, TV, and web. His regional Emmy is a prize possession and can double as a weapon if needed.
Unlike chimps, Rick restrains from climbing trees naked but his insights will knock your socks off. Be ready.

Mike O'caña, Project Manager
Bio: Coming Soon.

Cody Rust, Designer, Web Programmer & SEO
Bio: Cody is a designer and web developer. In 2008, he received a Bachelor's in Visual Communications from Colorado Technical University. He was born and raised in Colorado and greatly enjoys falling down large mountains in various ways. Cody has a guilty pleasure of uber-geeky video gaming and is the most attractive member of the firm.

Seth Schaeffer, Videographer/Editor/Music Composer

Seth Schaeffer is the kind of guy that tries to make you cry within the first 30 seconds of meeting you... with videos. He's worked in production for at least a few minutes and he's always trying to conquer the next great technology before it exists. Seth believes the attention to quality on all the little details is where the difference is made with production.

He likes steaks, fedoras, high fives, words that rhyme with silver and orange, and writing music. And most importantly, his wife, Carrie, is very nifty.

Lisa Waltman, Writer/Editor

Pet Lover. Creative maven.

Lisa Price Waltman has been a freelance writer since 1985 and officially began pursuing her degree in Journalism in 1996. Covering issues from politics to pets and mothering to marketing, Lisa has enjoyed the experiences of living in Europe and throughout the United States. Living in Colorado is a perfect fit for Lisa who is owned by three rescued dogs and one sassy cat who frequently give her a “kennel pass” to play golf, softball, ski or hike. Lisa is the founder of Molly Hubbard’s Cupboard (www.mollyhubbardscupboard.com), a non-profit pet food pantry to help pet owners in need a temporary “paw up.”

Elizabeth Everson, Copy Writer & Copy Editor

Elizabeth is the team member we turn to when we think it's perfect, but she knows better.

She's discerning with words, a genius at writing copy, and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Elixir projects.

Oh, and she's a '92 UNC Bear. 'Nuf said.

Carla Tavormina Freeman, Marketing Consultant & Social Media Specialist

Carla Tavormina Freeman loves talking!...well, in foreign languages anyway. Aside from being well-traveled, Carla is bi-lingual in Spanish and studies other languages whenever she gets a chance. She is also certified in Social Media Marketing which comes in handy with all that talking!

She's a diva at hosting in social circles, making everyone in the room feel welcome. Which is one of many reasons our clients love her! She knows how to communicate clients' wishes and explain marketing strategies effectively... building beautiful business relationships. Ole'!

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